Why Potts Potts Point?

Potts Point is Sydney’s most cosmopolitan neighbourhood (think Soho London, The East Village NYC).

Potts Point has true personality. Few places so effortlessly fuse modern urban edginess with a genuine respect for the quaint heritage styles of yesteryear. From young, single executives to life-loving empty-nesters, this suburb has it all. Transport is a breeze, cafes and restaurants are relaxed and everywhere oozes style in a fashionably unpretentious way. The city and harbour are within walking distance and the town has an unbeatable energy that will leave you captivated.

It is also Sydney’s most convenient neighbourhood. It is within walking distance of the Botanic Gardens, Opera House, Art Gallery, Australian Museum, central business district & most tourist sites

During the last decade Potts Point has become recognised as one of the most desirable places to live in Sydney. Many empty-nesters have sold their family homes in the suburbs and bought an apartment in the neighbourhood. Many young families now choose to live here, so much so that the sight of prams, once as rare in Potts Point as koalas, are now part of the diverse mix of locals. And why wouldn’t anybody want to live here? It is the most cosmopolitan ‘hood’ in Australia. It is beautiful, grand old art deco buildings and harbour side parks; it is a walk to the city through the Botanic Gardens; you can get a coffee downstairs, and have a drink after dinner. It is all about amenity. It is a vibrant, living, inner-urban community.